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Booty Music-Deepside不忒谬贼课-敌铺时啊爱的 When the beat goin like that (boom boom)温责比特狗鹰拉爱克咱特(不木不木) Girl, I wanna put you up in my room。哥奥啊爱汪特兔铺特又袄啊铺音妈爱入木 I wanna put you up against that wa...

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Better Me

以下第二行为谐音 see me fly 来看着我飞翔 C 米 福来 i'm proud to fly up high 飞翔让我如此自豪 爱木 普ruang的 图 福来 啊普 骇 believe me i can fly 相信我能飞翔 比累ve 米 爱 看 福来 i am singing in the sky 我在天空中歌唱 爱 爱木 s...

I ask why The girl to send text messages to me And why do you Don't explain low head silence I believe that you love me Unwilling to elaborate me Or understand Have you don't want to save Want to ask why I won't be your happine...


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建议先学习英语。本首歌汉语唱法如下: The snow glows white on the mountain tonight; 的四耨nou 阁楼四外昂芒~特耐 Not a footprint to be seen; 脑特 付普润~ 土逼C A kingdom of isolation; 饿king等么外~艘雷神 And it looks like I'm the...

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