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at this very moment 恰在此时 真情为您解答,敬请采纳, 如对本题还有疑问可追问,Good luck!

1、at the moment ①意思是“此刻,目前” 例句:He is in a high school at the moment.(目前他正在上高中。) ②意思是“当时,那时” 例句:He said that at the moment everything was blacked out for him.(他说,当时他眼前一片漆黑。) 2、in...


at that moment 译为”在那瞬间“,强调”那个时间点或那刻“。 例: I was so nervous that I can't say a word at that moment. (在那时我太紧张了都说不出话。更强调“那一个时间点。“) at that time 译为”在那时“,常指段时间,所指的时间段较...

(1)at the moment 此刻; (正当)那时 adv.此刻 prep.此刻,那时 adv.此刻,那时 n.此刻,那时 ###例句 Not at the moment. 现在不要。 No, not at the moment. 眼下还没有。 Not at the present moment. 暂时没有了。 Chickened out at the last mom...

一般将况下:at the moment 用于现在进行时in the moment 用于一般将来时,如He is doing his homework at the moment .他此刻在做作业.He will come back in a moment . 一会他就回来.

在紧要的时刻 没有问题 the也没问题

意思不一样,at the same time与此同时,at the moment此刻,meanwhile在。。。。期间

the (very) moment可用作连词,译为“一……就”.(此时可用the minute; the instant; the second等替代)如: He felt a thrill the very moment he got into the theatre. 他一进入剧院就感到一阵激动. The instant you leave this tent,you will ge...

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